Color proofs

Royal Printing House Em. De Jong uses the ISO 12647-2 standard for color proofing. Using the appropriate ICC profiles, a fair indication of the end result can be presented. The profiles take the type of paper and the used printing process into account, where you must take into account the many minor differences in whiteness and printability between different suppliers. If you do provide color proofs, we ask you to download the Media wedge v3 tool (= measuring strip) and use it on your color proof. This color proof should be made according to the ISO standardized profiles. The Media wedge v3 tool allows you and us to check whether the proof can serve as a printing reference.

If your color proofs do not have a CMS strip or made with the incorrect profile, we are compelled to make color proofs ourselves. These color proofs almost always deviate from delivered color proofs.


Media wedge v3
download (9.67 KB)