POS material for stores

  • Various sizes from small to large
  • Diversification of items
  • Sorted by route of the storee
  • Supplied as requested


  • Personalized
  • Sealed with or without leaflet
  • Small to large runs possible
  • Delivery by carrierr


  • Customer specific packaging
  • Standard packaging
  • Sealing, bundling, tagging

Sealing, drilling, punching…

In our finishing department different finishing methods are possible.
Gathering, folding, cutting, sealing, drilling, perforating, punching and creasing are possible. Besides these types of finishing, we can also insert envelopes automatically, and arrange personalized, postal sending.

POS material for stores

We have our own internal logistic department where we sort point-of-sale material for stores according to the specifications of the customer, such as roll-out-route in the stores, materials used for packaging such as dimensions and height, stacking, sorting by DC etc.