Paper Selection


  • Even in higher weights and several shades of white
  • Also in heatset qualities


  • Excellent price / performance ratio for the retail
  • Uncoated gloss


  • Both rotation and sheets
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Perfect for POS materials

Courant paper is available from 40 to 60 g/m² and ISO 58 to ISO 76. Moreover, there are in both standard and enhanced courant qualities, specially qualities developed for heatset printing.


Weights of 49 to 65 g/m² and with shades of white of ISO 68 to ISO 80 characterize SC paper. Due to this broad choice and the favorable price-quality ratio, SC paper ideal for printing that house-to-house distributed.


Coated paper is available from 51 to 135 g/m² for web offset printing, in different shades of white and in gloss, silk or matt.
For sheetfed printing the lowest weight is 80 g/m². An upper limit for sheetfed printing does not exist, however a maximum thickness of 2 mm. is the limit. Therefore the right paper for every application is always available.

Even in the digital age, paper is still the most important and effective communication carrier. Trends in papers change as fast as the style and format in which the document has to be made. Royal Printing House Em. de Jong has very good relationships with our suppliers, allowing us to quickly and efficiently respond to your needs. Even in urgent situations, we can always offer an alternative from our stock.