PDF generation

Steps for creating your PDFs

Download hiernaast het Workflowplan om te bepalen welke workflow u heeft.

  1. If Workflow 1 applies for you, you can create a PDF file by means of a pdf export from Indesign and at this stage do the color conversion too.
    Note that this happens only on RGB images.
    Link the specified ICC profile on the indicated place in the instruction. The PDFs will now be created with the correct ink coverage that we need in order to get a good result. This also depends on the used paper.
  2. If Workflow 2 applies for you, you can create your files according to workflow 1.
  3. If Workflow 3 applies for you, you should pay attention that there will be images with too high or too low ink coverage in the PDFs.
    In this case we can not approve your PDF. You should then, as mentioned in the schedule, in Photoshop convert the incorrect CMYK images to RGB. Then link the correct ICC profile and create your PDF with the correct PDF export in order to create a PDF with the correct ink coverage.

Your order manager will inform you regarding the profiles that you should use. Load the profile at the place indicated in the instruction.

In the Color management menu, you will find our paper type numbers associated with ICC profiles that you should use in your PDF export settings. 


Workflow plan
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PDF export settings InDesign
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Illustrator PDF export settings
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XPress PDF export settings
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