Printing techniques

Web offset

  • Flying imprint
  • Medium and large runs
  • Heatset and Coldset

Sheetfed offset

  • Low to high runs
  • POS material for stores
  • Stickers
  • Promotional material


  • From 1 copy to multiple copies
  • Variable printing
  • Inline gathering capabilities
  • Fast delivery



Royal printing house Em. de Jong provides everything you need for printed matters. With us you can rely on a complete offer when it comes to print. We can provide you with fast digital printing such as personalized mailings, sheetfed offset printing such as store cards and posters and web offset printing for door-to-door leaflets. Because our technical possibilities are almost limitless, we can provide a suitable solution for all your printing. And our work does not stop when the presses do. We watch your printed matters up until the time of delivery and can even assist you in finding the most efficient distribution method. With our cold set web presses, we can easily print large runs in tabloid format, while customized leaflets in large runs roll of our heatset presses, using flying imprint.

Web offset printing

Our web offset printing division is the largest of the Benelux and consists of ultra modern and fully automated heatset web offset presses of recent date. With our 8, 16, 24, 32, 48, 56, 64, 80 and 96 page presses we can produce almost any product in the most efficient way. All presses are equipped with Colour Control System and automatic register control which makes for a perfect end result of your printed matter.

Local printing

Automated switching is the core of our web offset printing and is also the key to the retail market. Due to the flexibility of flying imprint and the automatic plate changing system, we can service the versatile and dynamic retail market perfectly. Using these advanced printing technique we are capable to print your personal brochure or leaflet in any desired amount, right up to the last needed copy. There is therefore no loss of valuable production time or paper. And in the end you will notice that pricewise.

Sheetfed printing

Our sheetfed printing division consists of two offset presses in the format 37 x 52 cm and three presses of the so-called 70 x 100 format. These machines are all operated in a three-shift system so that optimal leadtimes can be guaranteed. All presses are of very recent date. In the autumn of 2012, our fully automated unique 8-colour machine is taken into operation.

Digital printing

With the coming of digital printing, it is possible to print smaller runs. This makes it possible for example to produce personalized mailings or folders with personal messages. But also printing numbers, unique barcodes and fully customized printed matters for stores belongs to the possibilities. In order to achieve this printing house Em. de Jong has a digital printing division consisting of four digital presses to A3 + size and two large-format presses.