Sheetfed offset and digital print

Submitting files for sheetfed offset printing, digital printing, imprints or upon  request of your order manager can be done through FTP.

Direct login

1. Log on to the FTP server
2. If you don’t have a username and password, you can request one with your order manager.

There are two ways to log on to the FTP server:
1. with a browser (Java must be installed on your computer)
2. with an FTP program.

Note: After uploading your files, you should always contact your order manager so we are sure which files to use.

Explanation FTP

File Transfer Protocol (in short: FTP) is a protocol that enables exchanging files between computers. FTP was founded in 1971 and rapidly became a world standard. You can now send or receive files from any computer in the world, as long as it is connected to the internet.
We have our own FTP server that is accessible through the internet. To gain access to this server you must enter a username and password.
Should you have any questions about the use of the FTP server, please contact our Helpdesk Prepress 013-507 55 47 (only technical support, not regarding details of an order). Our order managers can be reached at 013-507 55 55.


CoreFTP lite
download (4.46 MB)