At home in Europe

We know no boundaries when it comes to printing

Our printing facilities are located in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium from where we also service our clients in England and France. All in accordance with local specifications and preferences, realised in a short time and surrounded with care and expertise from start to finish.

If you would like more information about our services in the country in which you operate, please contact an account manager who (literally) speaks your language.

The Netherlands

The Dutch printing market has changed dramatically in recent decades. Royal Printing Em. de Jong has grown – partly thanks to a solid financial basis – to become the market leader and the printing partner for publishers and retailers Em. de Jong likes to think along with you for a distinctive concept.

Tommy Langeveld (mobile)


With two printers in Belgium (Mercator and Dessain Printing) and one on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands (Koninklijke Drukkerij Em. de Jong), we can serve the Belgian market from our front door. Please contact our Dutch and French speaking advisors.

Eric Barideau (French speaking)
Mark Dingenen (Dutch speaking)


For retailers in France, we provide custom printed matter such as flyers for newspapers & door-drops, from the northern French border to central France (Lyon and surrounding area). The consultants for the French market are based in Paris and know your home market like no other.



With a modern web offset printing plant (Jungfer Druckerei und Verlag GmbH) in the centre of Germany and the excellent infrastructure that characterises the country, productions find their way from East to West, from North to South.



Mercator Press in Belgium has been producing printed matter for major UK retailers for many years. From the factory it is only a short journey via the Eurotunnel to, for example, the London region. For more information, please contact the English speaking advisor directly.



The Channel and Irish Sea are no barrier to customers choosing our printing services. By making strict agreements about transport and distribution, Irish companies also opt for the most international printer in Europe.